Letters to the End - Hum Buzz and Coo

Bern, Switzerland ·

Auditorium Hochschule Der Künste Bern Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern
3006 Bern
· 9:00 pm
Letters to the End

“Letters to the End” is a sound exhibition of vocal tableaux illustrating letters to the last human and poems
about the end of the world. Eight singers and a drummer intone, chant, bellow, mutter, and recite these
addresses. The songs, soundscapes, and textures they construe depict an ending that is less tragic and painful
as suggested by notions of the apocalypse. Rather, they paint a portrait that reflects the diversity and
individuality of viewpoints regarding an imaginary human extinction.

“Hum, Buzz and Coo” is a swiss based vocal group led by the singer and composer Marie-Flo Burki. The singers were chosen for their interest in improvisation and their willingness to experiment. Most singers also compose and lead their own projects and have thereby developed their own strong musical personality. Rather than aiming at a pure and homogenous sound, the diversity of singers’ own singular voice, timbre and approach are highlighted. “Hum, Buzz and Coo” seeks to investigate the borders between sung and spoken words, between speech and poetry, between lyrics and utterances. The ensemble is also a playground to explore different vocal techniques, sounds and creating space and textures for improvisation.

The ensemble:
Marie-Florence Burki
Mirjam Hässig
Ana Cop
Sibylle Erb
Bart Plugers
Amir Tiroshi
Matteo Simonin
Luca Koch
Nicolas Bianco