WSPÖŁGŁØSY - Chööör and Marcel Baliński's Quintet

Bern, Switzerland ·

Auditorium Hochschule Der Künste Bern Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern
3006 Bern
· 7:30 pm
WSPÖŁGŁØSY – Chööör and Marcel Baliński’s Quintet 

As part of the Co-voices project , Balinski’s original compositions will be sung by chööör, to which Marcel invited people with intellectual disabilities.
To meet the challenge, Marcel Baliński also invited an instrumental quintet, consisting of the most eminent young improvisers from Łódź, who are currently studying abroad, to cooperate.

Both the name of the project – WSPÖŁGŁØSY – and the word Chööör are written with O umlaut and a crossed zero – characters written in an unusual way for Polish, which still form a completely legible message. Because any variety helps create a more interesting, better world. The result of our educational and therapeutic work as part of the WSPÖŁGŁØSY project will be a vocal-instrumental concert with the use of improvisation in the recording studio of Radio Łódź.

Marcel Baliński