Matthieu Mazué Trio - Tribute to Mal Waldron

Bern, Switzerland ·

5ème Étage Mühlenplatz 11, Matte Bern
3011 Bern
· 8:00 pm

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Tribute to Mal Waldron

Matthieu Mazué is a jazz pianist born in France. His passion for jazz music emerged while studying at the Conservatories of Dijon and Strasbourg. Matthieu then joined the University of the Arts of Bern (HKB), to perfect his skills in the fields of Jazz piano, improvisation and composition. Recently, Matthieu was selected to attend the 2019 School for Improv in New York City led by Ralph Alessi.

A pianist with a brooding, rhythmic, introverted style, Mal Waldron‘s playing has long been flexible enough to fit into both hard bop and freer settings. Influenced by Thelonious Monk’s use of space, Waldron has had his own distinctive chord voicings nearly from the start.