Run - Vanessa Cook

Bern, Switzerland ·

UNIK Training Bolligenstrasse 82
3006 Bern
· 9:00 pm

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Why do we run? 7 performers tell why they run in this exciting new dance theatre piece Run . Physical running becomes a metaphor for what we use our energy, what we run towards, what we run away from and why we keep going. Vanessa Cook and writer Noëmi Gradwohl collaborate with the cast, who range in age from 20-60 years old. The creative process is supported remotely by sound designers Steph Singer (UK) and Ray Archie (USA).

Performers: Peter Aerni, Isis Fross, Catherine Jaeger, Connie Jungo, Nestor Marquez Kleberg, Charlotte Mclean, Astro Raiz and a community cast.

Run is presented as part of the BETA Stage Festival in Bern. It is performed in UNIK Training (Bolligenstrasse 82, 3006 Bern) at the following times:

Friday 11. & 18. March 2022 at 21:00
Saturday 12. & 19. March 2022 at 20:00
Sunday 13. & 20. March 2022 at 17:00