Blossom and Blasphemy

Bart Plugers

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Record Tracklist

  1. Blossom and Blasphemy -:-- / 6:21
  2. She Wakes the Sun -:-- / 3:39
  3. Oak -:-- / 5:33
  4. I Promise You the Sea -:-- / 7:13
  5. Lucid -:-- / 3:31
  6. Still I Rise -:-- / 7:18
  7. Weberhard -:-- / 6:26
Blossom and Blasphemy

Blossom and Blasphemy OUT NOW on Double Moon Records (Challenge Records International) as part of Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 94

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“The seven songs of the debut album take the audience into a unique world of sound, which is characterized by lyrical intimacy, but also by gripping intensity” – Rolf Thomas

Bart Plugers – Vocals
Leo Fumagalli – Soprano & Tenor Saxophone, Effects
Lenni Torgue – Vibraphone
Mirko Maio – Piano
Jules Martinet – Double Bass
Clément Grin – Drums

All compositions written by Bart Plugers, except Lucid by Jules Martinet
All lyrics, texts and arrangements by Bart Plugers
Produced by Bart Plugers and Volker Dueck
Recorded at la Maison-Matrice (CH), July 20-23, 2021
Engineering and mixing by Noé Franklé
Mastering by Michał Kupicz
Photography by Roger Bucher
Band photography by Georgi Haritev
Liner notes by David Linx and Andreas Schaerer
Product coordination by Boudewijn Hagemans
Design by Juan Carlos Villarroel & Natasja Wallenburg