Blossom and Blasphemy (Band)

Blossom and Blasphemy

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Blossom and Blasphemy

What is ‘Bart Plugers // Blossom and Blasphemy’?

The band forms in Lausanne (Switzerland), during my Erasmus year (2018-2019) as a result of abundant collaboration with musicians on various projects at the Haute École de Musique de Lausanne. The group provides a realization of the music I hear, think and feel. Each member has a unique role and contributes inimitably to the sounds and direction of the music. References: Modern vocal jazz with minimalist and impressionistic colors, indie & ambient. Susanne Abbuehl (ECM artist) described the group by saying “The band is a canvas of sound” and Furio di Castri, Ann Malcolm, Emil Spanyi and David Linx gave rave reviews.

Who are ‘Bart Plugers // Blossom and Blasphemy’?

  • Bart Plugers: Voice, Effects/Bandleader (compositions, lyrics)
  • Leo Fumagalli – Tenor- and soprano saxophone, Effects
  • Jules Martinet – Double bass
  • Mirko Maio – Keys
  • Lenni Torgue – Vibraphone
  • Clément Grin -Drums