BUREAU BUREAU & Convoi Exceptionnel

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GOODYBYE GLACIER is an activistic concert.

As slow as glacier melting. By 2097, all glaciers in Switzerland are said to have melted completely. It will cause severe changes in water supply to a multitude of regions, yet, it is overlooked. Because it is not happening as ‚the big BOOM’, it is no sudden catastrophe, but a slow and steady process of disappearing.

The music for 24 musicians by Bern based experimental duo BUREAU BUREAU is Slow Music, there is only little happening over a large amount of time. Just like glacier melting – slow, but irreversible. We explored the waters’ different states of matter through different tuning systems, and we got to know the mountains’ unpredictability through collective improvisation. The concert was part of the Bernese Sustainability Days 2022. The entrance was free, but we gave all donations to the Climate Strike Switzerland. The concert was funded by Burgergemeinde Bern, Stadt Bern.

Damaris Brendle, Hannah Biedermann, Bart Plugers, Selina Brenner, Sibyl Erb, José Del Avellanal Correño (Stimme)
Jaronas Höhener, Paul Butscher (Trompete)
Adrian Städeli (Horn)
Hannah Wirnsperger (Flöte)
Kevin Sommer (Klarinette)
Mireia Pellisa Martin (Saxophon)
Aline Müller, Hannah Adriana Nuka (Violine)
Marie Jeger (Viola)
Lucie Chollet (Cello)
Lee Stalder (Kirchenorgel)
Flo Hufschmid (Analog Synthesizer)
Tabea Kind, Johanna Pärli (Kontrabass)
Damien Kuntz, Michael Cina (Percussion)
Sonia Loenne (Leitung)